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We are the best ally of parents and schools in the socioemotional health of children and adolescents. 

    LEXION is the only platform that evaluates and helps strengthen your children's social-emotional skills through tests that chart their development; this will allow you to create preventive and/or intervention strategies.


    We provide you with a deeper understanding of your child's social-emotional aspect, offering you, based on the results, advice and tools to improve their quality of life.

Why is it important to know the social and emotional state of my children?

Statistics affirm that after the pandemic, 89% of children and adolescents present behavioral or emotional alterations as a result of confinement.


In addition to the health and economic crisis resulting from the pandemic, the WHO warns of a third crisis 

     A platform that offers the opportunity to measure and develop socioemotional skills of our children through a digital test.

   Within it, the social-emotional skills of our children are evaluated to generate profiles that allow the creation of preventive and/or intervention programs based on the specific needs of each school, which optimizes the learning processes for the achievement of happy and successful human beings.

For this reason, we created


The platform is user-friendly and easy to use, it was a great help because it made it easier for us to identify red flags and determine that there were students who were unknowingly asking for help.

Lic. Gabriela T.

Primary Coordinator

It was easy for my son to answer the questions, and what I liked the most was that the recommendations are personalized.

Jessie G.


Lexion allowed us to save our way, close the social-emotional gaps in our school community and act more quickly.




Gil Marcelo A.

School Director

Our experience and results back us up


Schools nationwide successfully administered the test to their students


15 years of experience in the creation of preventive programs.


Children and adolescents evaluated.

Niño con niveles socioemocionales

Socioemotional Level

Scales of

     Through our digital test designed by our team of expert psychologists in child development and endorsed by the Observatory of School Coexistence of the U.C. de Cuyo in Argentina, we will be able to evaluate each of these aspects:


Adherence to rules

Social adaptation

Emotion management

Family integration

School violence

School motivation

Conflict resolution

School coexistence

Family support

Aggressive behaviors

Know your children's social-emotional
of your children now


Benefits for Parents

Real-time socioemotional test results.

Clear interpretation of the information in a personalized way.

Your children's information and privacy is protected and with complete confidentiality.  

Benefits for Schools

User friendly and easy to use platform.  

Students' information and identity is kept anonymous. 

The use of the data is reserved only for the improvement of the school climate.

Why trust in Lexion?

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